How many decisions did you make today?

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How many decisions did you make today?


Most likely, you don’t know the answer to that question. Like most people, you go about your day, making decisions without a care.


YOU need to care. The consequences, and cost, are too significant to try to avoid and ignore.


From how many times you decide to hit the snooze button, to what you’ll decide to eat/drink 4-8 times per day. From deciding when to read email, then which to read first, to deciding to buy an upgrade feature to the game you’re playing, then choosing the best option.


We burn through the chemicals in our brain that help to make decisions, then spend other chemicals trying to figure out, why, at 2PM in the afternoon, we’re sluggish and lack motivation.


The consequence of living this way can be severe indecision, and/or total unwillingness to explore new experiences.

The cost is the absolutely inefficient + ineffective use of our 3 main currencies, time, financial resources, and brain processing.


Think seriously about these questions.


If you only had 6 decisions to SPEND per day, and you wanted them to have the highest competency and impact:

How would you have to restructure, and automate your day, and life?

What would you need to eliminate from your schedule, physical, technological, and mental environment?


This isn’t meant to remove spontaneity, but to allow you to have the chemicals to enjoy it when you decide to be.


So…how many decisions will you make tomorrow?



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