Conscious Consideration & Reasonableness

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Conscious Consideration & Reasonableness


Do you think or feel that this describes YOU?

Most likely, the honest answer is “no” or “sometimes”.


For most of us, if we allowed ourselves to slow down enough to really think & feel about what it means to be considerate and possess reasonableness, we’d have to admit we get caught up in the reactionary responses of the culture/society we live in and in our own minds.


How is that working for your mental and physical wellbeing?


Unconscious inconsiderate and unreasonable behavior may appear in the reactive anger with traffic, or in parent’s conversations with their children. Unconscious posturing to employees and clients, to production and sales expectations that can only be achieved by manipulation, and ultimately the ethical erosion that becomes a self-destructive landslide.

Whether you “believe” yourself a deep feeler or a staunch rational, you’re capacity for unconscious inconsideration AND unreasonableness is great, with wide reaching effects.


Guess what?! The fact that you’ve read this far, means you’ve started to become more conscious, with deeper and more powerful consideration and empathetic reasonableness.


You have the power to change your brains connections through training and habit. Practice being aware of your mental/emotional state. Eventually, the neuropathways that triggered the inconsiderate and unreasonable responses will break down.


These unconscious, but very real addictions, will be replaced with conscious, choice-based habits.


A powerful strategy to increase considerate and reasonable behavior


Use this breathing & counting strategy, taken from my Brain Enhancement Audio Training System (BEATS).


Conscious, deep breathing is essential in learning how to efficiently & effectively relax, slow the heart rate, and reduce unnecessary mental/emotional stimulation, and reactionary behavior.


Counting provides a mental focusing exercise. Count from 1-10. The restriction to 10 provides a focused arena for your brain to work within.


Below is the strategy you’ll use:

Breathe IN deeply, count 1

Breathe OUT fully, count 2

Breathe IN deeply, count 3

Breathe OUT fully, count 4

Breathe IN deeply, count 5

Breathe OUT fully, count 6

Breathe IN deeply, count 7

Breathe OUT fully, count 8

Breathe IN deeply, count 9

Breathe OUT fully, count 10


When counting, remain quiet, and simply speak the number in your mind.


Advanced Tip #4

Use the strategies and tips in other environments. I’ve used these strategies:

At the gym on the treadmill for 60 minutes, at an average of 8% incline.

Taking an ice bath for 30 minutes, adding a 10lb. bag of ice at 10 & 20 minutes on the timer.

Preparing to go on stage for public speaking

Navigating to both familiar and unfamiliar locations. Being totally blind, these strategies have help reduce the anxiety of navigating to locations, and the variables of road and foot traffic, and other considerations.


Continue consciously training your mind to be considerate and reasonable, and it WILL become an automated mental process. Doing this will remove the DECISION to be considerate and reasonable, you just will be.



Coaching the WHOLE person, through neuroscience and a unique blind perspective.


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