CEO’s – Are you undermining your business through your sales process?

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Business owners and C-level executives, sales directors/managers, and production analysts carry most of the responsibility of eroding and inevitably devastating the business through old style sales tactics, and the ethical attrition of their sales professionals.


Pay close attention to your thought/feeling responses to the following questions for these three main groups.


Business owners and CEO’s:

-Am I setting sales expectations that are harming the business in the long term?

-Do I truly understand the sales process in the business and is it efficient + effective for the client and our sales professionals?

-Am I genuinely concerned with the ethical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of our sales professionals?

-How would I think/feel if my organization’s policies, procedures, and expectations are eroding the ethical/moral foundation of myself , and through me, the whole organization through fear and sales performance pressure?

-Am I willing to become consciously aware, then implement strategies that will significantly improve sales, and my employee’s personal and professional lives?


Sales Directors/Managers:

-Am I allowing expectations to be set for my teams that are only achievable through gaming/manipulation of the sales system and/or the client?

-Do I spend time listening to the real challenges that my teams are facing, due to the technological limitations of our system, and/or the sales process and procedures required to meet business goals?

-Do I set time aside on a regular, consistent basis to go through the sales process myself, and evaluate it from the prospective of the ever changing questions, concerns, and expectations of our prospective clients?

Do I train, and assist, my teams to adjust their process to have effective + efficient interactions for both the client and salesperson, without causing trauma to the brain, through ethical manipulation and fear, of either party?


Production Managers and Analysts:

-Do I set, or provide analysis of sales and production expectations, factoring in the technological limitations of our systems, and the procedures required to meet them?

-Am I willing to evaluate my analysis for assumptions and bias about our sales and/or production teams, and consciously determine if the expectations fit within the process and procedures required of these teams?

-Will the analysis I provide for sales and production goals, cause manipulation of the process, and ethical erosion, due to fear and high levels of stress ?

-Am I willing to calibrate my brain to provide more efficient and effective analysis, and set expectations that provide significant impact and satisfaction to the business, employees, and clients?


Now, did you read ALL of the questions for each group, or did you only focus on your title/position?


If you just went straight to the group that you thought ONLY applied to you, THAT is your first issue.


Your sales people are trusting, and relying on you, as leaders, to understand the WHOLE picture. This means that you are responsible to help and train your sales professionals to learn that effective + efficient sales does NOT start with the client, but with the salesperson themselves.


Especially business owners/CEO’s, and from there, other leadership, before reacting to underperforming sales numbers, and therefore begin ranting and blaming your teams, managers, and frontline employees, stop to take an objective examination of your mental/emotional state,.


Have you been so distracted with your own importance and the addiction to posturing in front of your employees, you’ve set them, and your organization up to fail?






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