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(Efficiency + Effectiveness + Automation) X (Time + Financial Assets + Mental Energy) = The BlindInsight Advantage

The BlindInsight Formula is the continuous PURSUIT of optimal leverage of our 3 major currencies in life. Time, Financial Assets, and Mental energies. For most, each currency is spent separately without giving thought of how they relate to the others. When you start examining the profound effect that each has on the others, you start to realize that you’re not spending them with full awareness. This awareness requires that you not just look at efficient, or effective, or automated spending of these currencies, but that you strive to discover the OPTIMAL way to spend them in combination to one another.

The BlindInsight Advantage is the DEMONSTRATION of the exponential power of combining and linking what could be perceived as separate things into a cohesive concept. Many books, seminars, and blogs discuss time management, financial freedom, productivity, streamlining, the latest sales/marketing tactics, and the power of the mind as though they exist independently, without consequences, in a vacuum. However, when you begin to live in the question, with this formula as your guide, you’ll discover that you’ve been blind to the internal and external world, limited by the biases, assumptions, and lack of attention business and society give to the systemic universe we live in.

On my blog you will find:

  • Guidance to answer provocative questions such as “If you only had 6 decisions to SPEND per day, and you wanted them to have the highest competency and impact…?”

  • Strategies like making the next 2 weeks of meals, in 1 day

Coming soon, you’ll find:

  • Websites, Podcasts, & YouTube channels that will provide a different perspective, and expand your neuropathways.

  • Essential Equipment full of hand-picked books, music, and tech.

Services will be available, like:

  • The Brain Enhancement Audio Training System (BEATS)

  • C-level & Leadership “whole person” Coaching

  • Wholesale dealer services for No hassle luxury vehicle purchasing

  • LegalShield Individual & Small Business Plans.


My name is William Madison. BlindInsight reveals the discoveries I’ve made through my unique experience as a blind individual. Through this quest of breaking down everything from neuroscience to business leadership, to running a efficient and highly effective household, to my love of fast cars and cutting edge physics. There are many deliberate conscious decisions I’ve made through my life, though I may have believed I wasn’t good at it at the time, I knew the experience would become valuable.

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