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At a young age, books had a significant impact on my life. It wasn’t until my early 20’s though, that I started to search out and find books that began to make connections between seemingly separate ideas in my brain.
If you’re open to learning, and willing to set your reactive assumptions and biases aside, you’ll find many gems within the pages of these books that you can extract immediately, and others that will appear later after a couple readings. Train your mind to look beyond your own reactions, and expand your mind to different ideas and concepts that are unfamiliar to you.

The foundation of recommending these books is to challenge your habitual thinking and feeling patterns. It’s also to enable you to become significantly more efficient + Effective + creative thinking/feeling individuals. They range in subject from Neuroscience and physics, real estate and option credit spread investing, corporate entity structuring and neuroleadership conversation strategies, and the self-image you hold of yourself and how it affects your behavior. You’ll be empowered to view the world from a more peaceful, and deliberate perspective.

When you’re reading these books, as with all things, balance is required. There are rarely absolutes about a book or its author. The only absolute that can be said of these books is that NONE of the books or their authors are perfect, with perfect information. I am NOT perfect through reading or recommending them. However, reading these books will allow you to start building new neuropathways, and make millions of connections. This will enable you to understand yourself , and the world in a fuller and more meaningful way.

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A selection of items that have improved my life and provided enjoyment.


Music is an experience that most of the population engage with and enjoy. Unfortunately though, the majority stay in less than 5 narrow genres. Growing up, my mother was willing to explore different genres of music, while my father, to this day, cannot stand music outside of classic western, or artists such as Jewel, Billy Joel, and Norah Jones. As I grew up, I wanted to be like my dad and adopted his opinions to music. Then, one day in the car with my sister and her friend, I had an insight about my 13 year old self. While they were listening to Mariah Carey, and the bass was thumping in the back seat, I became irritated and a curmudgeon. “The bass is too loud, can you turn it down, please.” I remember saying with a annoyed frown. That’s when I realized I had taken my dad’s opinion/feelings as my own, without evaluating whether I liked, or “could” come to like any music outside of country. Within a few months, I bought No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom album, and loved it. I also have several Mariah Carey albums, and love to turn it up.

Many thanks go to my mother and sister for exposing me to other music.
Do you know why you don’t like music/artists in other genres?
The brain can become entrenched to a specific sound or tone, and anything outside of that reinforced neuropathway takes mental energy to evaluate and consciously determine if it “could” be interesting. Like my father, most people unconsciously react negatively to unfamiliar and different music from what they’re used to. As with the other aspects of this site, I’m interested in expanding your brain and help you make more connections. Below you’ll find a variety of genres. I personally have 20+ genres in my music collection.
This doesn’t mean you have to like ALL types of music, but will you consciously decide for yourself. I find that if I listen to songs within a genre, I can find things to like, and I might add a couples songs to my library. It may not become my absolute favorite thing, but the fact that I’ve tried, opens my brain and perspective up, to find other music in or around that genre in the future.

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A selection of items that have improved my life and provided enjoyment.