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Introduction to the BlindInsight Blog

No Comments | January 4, 2016 | William Madison |

Hello, and welcome!

The BlindInsight Blog is the portal to discover provocative questions, ideas, and strategies. This blog will allow and enable YOU to start implementing the BlindInsight Formula.

There are a couple things I’d like to address right away.

Personal, Business, & Leadership
When writing, my focus may appear to only be on C-level and business questions/strategies. However, this is NOT entirely true.
Each of us are owners and CEO’s of our own life. Anything written on the blog is as applicable to a husband, father, and a single mother of three, as a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company.
Do you know why? They can be the same person. In my coaching and the blog, there is NO separation of the business and personal. As much as we’ve been taught to think that we are employees at work and husband/father at home, and neither should cross, that’s impossible and delusional thinking. What your brain encounters at home stays with you when you arrive at work and vice versa. I’m interested in coaching and writing about the WHOLE person. I believe that’s the way to enable individuals, on a regular and consistent basis, to discover profound insights, and stimulate meaningful change.

I’ll also not be making any separation between thinking (rational logic) and feeling (emotions). They will often appear together with a slash (/). Whether you “believe” and “perceive” yourself as a staunch rational or a deep feeler, a balance can be trained and developed. The pursuit of the BlindInsight Formula through coaching and this blog, will provide you with the tools to become balanced, and combat the binary (absolute 1 or 0, success or failure, introvert or extravert, right or left brain) messages we get from society.

Questions, questions, and more questions
On the blog, you’ll find more thought provoking questions, than absolute answers. You’ll find that I give direction to start asking questions to proceed down a certain path, but allow you the autonomy to explore that path for yourself. This is what true coaching is based on. I do NOT need to know your business, and in many situations, that’s an advantage. I won’t have the biases/assumptions that your industry or status of life may bring, and I’ll will be able to ask questions that might not occur to you.

Let me be very clear.
Your business, industry, family situation, or stage of life DOES NOT MATTER HERE. This blog will be able to speak to anyone who is willing to become more aware, reason, and begin to understand the depth of the BlindInsight Formula. Start living in the question, and you’ll be surprised by where they’ll lead.

Along with this blog, you’ll find books, music, websites, and more to start expanding your perspective and knowledge. We’ll be updating the site regularly as we ramp up, so visit and explore frequently.

If you like what you find here, and you’d like to help or have feedback, please contact me by email.